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TopGun LargeCar ShootOut
7/29-31, 2016; Rantoul National Aviation Center - Rantoul, IL

Top Gun Large Car Shoot Out 2016

The 9th annual show will be held July 29th - 31st, 2016. Last year the show had over 150 trucks on site and was a great.

TopGun LargeCar ShootOut is centered around the working class truck. Also the owners, drivers, sponsors / vendors that support the working men and women of our industry.

Classes for the trucks include a Wash n Park, which is for ANY/ALL trucks that don't want to compete just have a good time and show off their equipment. Trophy classes include Fancy Show to Everyday Trucks. It's not all about a cleaning contest! Your choice whether its Wash n Park or Trophy Classes you'll receive a dash plaque & event T-shirt. Also the competitors vote for 2 trucks that go on next years event shirt!!!

We have acres and acres of show parking. That lets us park your equipment with enough room to drive a truck between each truck. This gives you space for friends, family, spectators, and pictures. If you're just passing thru and would like to stop by there is plenty of parking for your LargeCars as well!


This years event includes:

Parade of Lights: (Friday @ Dusk) all registered trucks welcome
TopGun Mini LargeCar Shootout & Build-off 1/64 scale models (Friday-Sunday)
Car, Rat Rod, & P/U Truck Show (Saturday 9:00AM awards @ 3:00 Participant Voted)
DJ- BOB BASS: (Friday – Sunday)
Kiddie Pedal Pull:(Saturday 1:00PM) CSM
NICKEL and DIMES BAND (Saturday 8:00PM to Midnight)
I-65 CHROME SHOP (Exhibition TORNADO burnouts Saturday)
Beer Garden: Shooters Bar & Grill
Truck awards and giveaways (Sunday @ 9:30AM)

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4th Annual Truck Function in Junction
uly 16, 2016; Junction City, Oregon

Truck Function in Junction 2016

Visit Junction City, Oregon for a Semi-Truck Show ‘n Shine and Downtown Cruise! The 4th Annual Truck Function in Junction will be held July 16, 2016 in Junction City, Oregon at the Junction City High School. Click here to view pictures from prior years in the TFIJ Photo Gallery.
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Getting Your Muscle Truck Summer Ready

Vitage Truck,Classic Truck, Muscle Truck

Now that you have made it through the winter and summer has arrived you may be wondering how to get your muscle truck ready for the sunny days ahead. In many areas of the country you may have temperatures rising well into the 100’s and unless your truck is fully prepared, these hot temps can really make driving a miserable thing to do. While many people start preparing for the hotter months by early to mid-spring, there is still plenty of time to get everything done now as long as you know what to do. To combat the heat and fully enjoy cruising down the roadways in your truck you may want to pay attention to a few simple, yet very important things to bring your truck into the summer weather by having the right parts and service for the most important parts of your muscle truck.


When your tires have the right amount of pressure you will have less worries about blowouts or slow air leaks. When the temperatures rise outside, so do the temperatures of tires when you are driving down the hot pavement. The heat, combined with improper air pressure in the tires can lead to dangerous outcomes including a tire exploding and causing serious bodily injury as well as damage to the truck.


After making it through the cold months of winter and driving in rain, snow and other cold and possibly slick weather, your brakes really need to be checked. During the winter when you may find yourself stomping on the brakes more often than usual in order to avoid sliding as well as to prevent slamming into other slow, nervous winter drivers and this can really take a toll on your brake pads as well as your rotors if you are not careful. If you own a muscle truck, you probably work hard to keep it well-maintained and may have done a lot of the restoration work on your own. If so, before you start driving a lot in the summer you really should do a complete brake inspection and make sure the brakes are in good condition for the summer.


To be honest, the majority of people will overlook the battery when they are getting their truck ready for the heat. A battery is such an important part of any motor vehicle and it really must be in good condition or the engine simply will not crank and run. If the battery is weak, it can often drain in extreme temperatures and leave you stranded. Nothing is worse than being stuck far from home or the garage in the hot sun on a summer afternoon. Be sure to test the voltage on the battery and take the cables off and make sure they are clean. Build up on battery terminals can drain the battery and prevent it from getting a full charge when driving.


Another very important engine component to check is your oil. You need to make sure it is changed at regular intervals but it needs to be checked at every fill-up to make sure the oil is not black and that it is not leaking. In older trucks you should be okay for anywhere from 3500 to 5000 miles between oil changes. Newer trucks or trucks that use synthetic oils can go for up to 7000 miles before the oil needs changed. The time between changes will vary depending on the terrain you drive on as well as the climate that you live in.

Air Conditioner

Now that you are thinking about how hot the summer months get where you live, you may be thinking about the air conditioner in the truck as well. During the winter, the last thing on your mind is the air conditioner but wait until that first day of 100 degree temperatures hits your area and you will be wishing you had thought of it much sooner. Temperatures have already been rising and if you have not already, now is definitely the time to have your AC system checked. Hoses need checked for leaks and the entire system should be recharged as needed.


The coolant system is especially important in the summertime. These are the months that the most automobiles overheat during a drive and the time of the year when more people end up replacing radiators because they let the antifreeze get too low to drive safely. Make sure the antifreeze is filled and while you are at it, check the hoses to make sure you do not have a leak anywhere.


All belts in the truck need to be checked for signs of age and wear. If you see cracks or rips, the belt needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If a belt breaks while you are out for a drive, your drive will be over until you can get to an auto parts shop or the garage to replace it.

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid is one of the most important fluids in the truck. If it gets too low your entire transmission can lock up and then, your truck will be garaged or parked until you can find a new transmission. Rebuilt transmissions for certain muscle trucks can be very difficult to locate, especially if the truck is a vintage muscle truck. When you check the fluid level you also need to check the color of the fluid and make sure it is a vibrant pink or bright red if it is automatic transmission. If the fluid has turned brown, you need to change it as soon as possible because it is old and worn out. If it smells burnt, you will know that you have a problem and you need to have the transmission serviced as quick as possible.


Anyone that drives down the highway in the summer knows that all cars and trucks attract bugs, and unfortunately, the windshield is one of the first places that a bug finds when you are driving. Be sure to have your blades replaced at the beginning of the summer and fill the washer fluid up all the way so you can wipe the bugs away as soon as they land. When the fluid is low or the blades are old and worn out, you can smear grime across the windshield that can cause difficulty seeing the road when you are driving.

Wash and Wax

Driving in the winter takes a great deal out of the body of a car, especially if you live in the snow and ice and have to drive through salt and other road chemicals all winter. The best thing you can do for your truck is going to be a detailed wash from top to bottom and be sure to get all areas including under the hood/ You want to get rid of all the salt and other chemicals and any winter grime that has built up anywhere on the truck. Once you get the outside, be sure to take a vacuum to the interior and give the windows a good cleaning as well. When you finish, take a little wax and use it to protect the truck and really bring the beautiful shine out to show off to everyone that sees you cruising down the road. Wax not only makes the truck look good now but it can protect the paint and help ensure that it looks good for many years to come as well.

If you plan to take your muscle truck to shows this summer, be sure to schedule professional auto transport with a trusted company that will work closely with you to ensure safe handling and quick transport so you will have the truck arrive on time for the show. The summer is a time when many shows are held nationwide and it is also the best time of year to find parts, accessories and even new trucks to buy. Happy driving and be sure to take care of your truck this summer!



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Ram Offers New 2016 Limited-edition Stinger Yellow 1500 Sport

Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport Image

  • Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport features unique interior colors, body-colored accents and bright yellow paint, matching the recently added Ram 1500 Yellow Rose of Texas edition
  • New Sport model has a limited production of 2,250 trucks
  • Arriving at Ram dealers this month, pricing for the Stinger Yellow Sport starts at $44,340
May 9, 2016 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - The Ram Truck brand announced today that it has added a new limited-edition Ram 1500 model in Sport trim — the Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport.
“The Ram 1500 Sport offers unique features for customers who enjoy aggressive styling and great performance,” said Mike Manley – Head of Ram Truck Brand, FCA Global. “Truck buyers are very attached to their vehicles and the Stinger Yellow Sport model adds a custom appearance to the segment’s best-looking truck.”
The new truck is available in Crew Cab 4x2 and 4x4 configurations. Among the Stinger Yellow Sport’s standard features are a 395-horsepower HEMI® V-8, 8-speed TorqueFlite transmission, dual chrome-tipped exhaust, vented sport hood and 22-inch wheels (20-inch on 4x4 models).
The Sport interior complements the Ram 1500’s confident exterior design with a predominantly black cockpit, highlighted with Light Black Chrome and yellow details. Interior treatments include body-color accent stitching through the cabin, Sport embroidery on the seats, accent color Ram's head logo on the headrests and black leather seats with colored accent sport mesh on the seating inserts. The special-edition trim also includes the 8.4AN Uconnect system with navigation and standard rear-view camera system.
Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow Sport models will begin arriving in dealerships in early May. Starting price is $43,145, plus $1,195 destination.
About Ram Truck Brand
Since its launch as a stand-alone division in 2009, the Ram Truck brand has steadily emerged as an industry leader with America’s longest-lasting line of pickups.
Creating a distinct identity for Ram trucks has allowed the brand to concentrate on core customers and features they find valuable. Whether focusing on a family that uses a Ram 1500 day-in and day-out, a hard-working Ram 3500 Heavy Duty owner or a business that depends on its Ram ProMaster commercial van every day for deliveries, Ram has the truck market covered.
In order to be the best, it takes a commitment to innovation, capability, efficiency and durability. Ram Truck invests substantially in its products, infusing them with great looks, refined interiors, durable engines and exclusive features that further enhance their capabilities.
Ram continues to beat the competition in the most sought-after titles:
  • Longest-lasting line of pickups
  • Best-in-class fuel economy with exclusive EcoDiesel – 29 mpg with Ram 1500
  • Best-in-class towing capability – 31,210 pounds with Ram 3500
  • Best-in-class payload – 7,390 pounds with Ram 3500
  • Best-in-class torque – 900 lb.-ft. with Ram 3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel 

Truck customers, from half-ton to commercial, have a demanding range of needs and require their vehicles to provide high levels of capability. Ram trucks are designed to deliver a total package.
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F-100 Western Nationals

F-100 Western Nationals 2016

All Pre-79 Ford Trucks

Show trucks enter at 6am – show ends by 4pm.

Enter together to park together. Trailer parking available.

Spectators admission $10 a carload,  General admission opens at 8am.

The largest Classic Ford Truck show on the West Coast. The OC Chapter of Pickups Limited presents this show each year. All of our members volunteer their time to make this a great show lead by Committee. The venue is located in Anaheim Ca. and the trucks park on the grass under the shade of trees.

BIG news on the annual Friday Cruise before the show. On June 24th we meet at the Ayres Hotel in Yorba Linda  and leave from their at 8:30am to head to Torrance Ca. to tour the Edelbrock, Headquarters! You can drive what you got, but driving your truck or hot rod will be pretty cool cruising down the 91 fwy all together. After the tour we’ll head to a lunch spot before heading back towards the Ayres where most end up at the El Torito next to the Hotel for drinks and bench racing.We need a head count for this tour.

Here is the RSVP link. When asked for the event date enter June 24th 2016.Only RSVP if you are going.

Mid Fifty will be at the show. Order your parts and pick them up at the show!
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Truck People - Dodge Ram 3500

Horse People need Truck People. And Truck People need the Ram 3500, the most-capable full size pickup on the road today. Ram is the Official Truck of the Kentucky Derby.
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Toyota Official Truck Sponsor of the Texas Rangers

Toyota Official Truck Sponsor of the Texas Rangers

Arlington, Texas, April 21, 2016 
-- The Texas Rangers and Toyota today announced that the club and the automobile manufacturer have entered into a multi-year partnership. Under the agreement, Toyota becomes the Official Truck Sponsor of the Texas Rangers. The sponsorship will highlight Toyota’s two Texas-built trucks, Tacoma and Tundra.
“The Rangers are thrilled to welcome Toyota to North Texas and the Rangers corporate partner family,” said Joe Januszewski, Texas Rangers executive vice president, Business Partnerships & Development. “We pride ourselves in working with best in class companies, and Toyota certainly represents excellence in the automotive industry.
“As the official truck of the Rangers, our fans will see Toyota’s involvement in a wide variety of programs, from entitlement of the parking lots at Globe Life Park, to in-park promotions, to community initiatives. We look forward to partnering with Toyota for many years to come.”
The multi-year partnership extends through 2018 and also provides Toyota with branding and naming rights for 12 of the Rangers’ parking lots adjacent to Globe Life Park in Arlington. A complete list of the Toyota-branded lots is included below. In addition, Toyota receives outfield wall, video board, home plate, and LED signage and becomes the exclusive sponsor of video replays at Globe Life Park in Arlington.
Toyota employees are also expected to have strong participation in the volunteer efforts of the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation within the community.
“Toyota has always had a strong commitment to community,” said Ed Laukes, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “With the relocation of our headquarters to Plano, becoming the official truck sponsor of the Texas Rangers makes sense. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to further our relationship with fans and to cheer for our new home team. Let’s play ball!”
“Toyota has long enjoyed being a community partner with several prestigious sports franchises throughout Texas,” said Brent Hillyer of Gulf States Toyota. “These partnerships reflect Toyota’s dedication to being a part of the communities we work and live in.”
The Globe Life Park in Arlington Toyota-branding parking lots:
Lot A -- Camry                        
Lot B -- Tundra                      
Lot C -- Corolla                       
Lot D -- Tacoma                    
Lot E -- Avalon                        
Lot F -- Prius                           
Lot G -- Land Cruiser
Lot J -- Rav4
Lot K -- 4Runner
Lot L -- Sequoia
Lot M -- Sienna
Lot N -- Highlander
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Video of All-New Ford F-150 Raptor –
Shows Why it is the Ultimate High-Performance Off-Road Pickup

Ocotillo Wells, Calif., May 2, 2016 – It’s one thing to describe the capabilities and features of the all-new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor – the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 Raptor ever. But nothing compares to seeing F-150 Raptor do what it does best.

Shot on the same Mojave Desert terrain where F-150 Raptor was designed and tested to excel, the Ford video is a six-part monthly series that shows why F-150 Raptor is the ultimate high-performance off-road pickup truck.

Forged from high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy that helps the truckshed more than 500 pounds, F-150 Raptor is inspired by Ford’s performance heritage in off-road racing that includes Best in the Desert, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and the famous Baja 1000.

Redesigned, larger FOX Racing Shox with more suspension travel and all-new terrain management technology help F-150 Raptor tackle the toughest of surfaces. An available Torsen front differential increases off-road capability further.

The all-new 2017 Raptor is powered by Ford’s new, second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine, with more horsepower and torque than previous Raptor’s 411-horsepower, 434-lb.-ft. 6.2-liter V8, plus an all-new 10-speed transmission.

The all-new Raptor will be built at Dearborn Truck Plant, and goes on sale fall 2016.
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