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Des Moines Auto Parts Swap Meet
44th Annual Meet - Every May and September

Our 17TH Year at Iowa State Fairgrounds

Special NOTE: We are always the 3RD weekend in SEPT.


Enter at East 33RD & East University or Grand Avenue Gate
Des Moines, Iowa
SEPT 15 & 16, 2017




FRIDAY  Sept 15th, 2017           MOVE IN   7 AM / OPENS -8:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
SATURDAY  Sept 16th, 2017      SWAP MEET OPEN 8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM


Space Size: 15’ x 25’ or  limited amount of 15’ x 50’on Rows B+R+S+T+U+Z (Size Approx)

Special Note: We are the ONLY Swap Meet Event that offers a pre-registered Discount!


2017 Fees: Pre-Register: $25 (must be received by August 31) OR at the Gate: $30

** Rates to increase in 2018  Pre-Register: $30 at the Gate: $35




FOOD AND DRINK AVAILABLE ON THE GROUNDS.  HCE maintains all vending rights
Not responsible for accidents, fire, or theft.

SEND  Check + MAIL-IN FORM TO: HCE, PO BOX 133, Indianola, Iowa 50125   

  PHONE: (515) 961-2800 or (515) 249-1161





spaces:_______15’X 25’   or    15 x 50’______(Limited Amount on Z Row)

Pre Reg $25. (At Gate Day of Event $30.00)  Car Corral:___ $20.00 ____


(Please tell us which way SIDE BY SIDE-OR BACK TO BACK)
We reserve the right to refuse to sell spaces to anyone deemed objectionable.


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Sales People Needed for Our Team
Earn $500-$1500 per week. We pay 30% commission. Work from Home.

We are looking for sales people with ad sales background as well as a good knowledge of the after-market truck industry to help with directory sales.

Work from your home full time or part time. We will train you. Join our sales team where you will be celebrated for your talents.

Candidate should have the following:

Have a clear sounding voice, and be able to communicate an idea over the phone
Self-starter and motivated to work your accounts daily
Experience in ad sales
Background in aftermarket truck industry
High speed Internet connection
Knowledge of how to send email, scan and copy documents.
Knowledge of how to use Microsoft word and Adobe.

If you have these talents then we want you on our sales team. We pay top commission in the industry. Get paid weekly.

Please send us your resume or email with your work background to or call Ron Taber at 760-844-2470.

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blank 05/05/17 09:28AM Filters, motorcycles, Shifts, Side Panel Lights

New Products from American Billet

Side Marker Light Bezels for '68-'72 Chevy Trucks

Add style to your truck with these dual window billet side marker light bezels. They are designed to work with stock lenses and are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. They come polished or black anodized. Sold in pairs (lens not included)

BSML-DW-P Bezel, Side Marker Light, Dual Window - Polished $74.95
BSML-DW-B Bezel, Side Marker Light, Dual Window - Black Anodized $74.95

Billet Column Kit for '67-'72 Chevy Trucks

This 3 piece billet kit includes the turn signal lever, tilt wheel lever, and emergency flasher knob. Perfect compliment for our already popular billet shift knobs. Available in machined finish, polished, or our exclusive Silverline Series.

CKCT Column Kit, Machined finish $34.95
CKCT-P Column Kit, Polished $39.95
CKCT-SL Column Kit, Silverline Series $39.95

Billet Compressor Filters

Compared to the stock filter on the left, our filters will take your airbag setup to another level. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum and available in 3 finishes, machined, polished and our exclusive Silverline Series.

CAF-M Compressed Air Filter, Machined finish $89.95
CAF-P Compressed Air Filter, Polished $99.95
CAF-SL Compressed Air Filter, Silverline Series $109.95

Polishing & Packaging Services

All American Billet offers full polishing & packaging services. We can take your concept from an idea to a finished and packaged item. Our services include CAD, machining, fabrication, polishing and packaging (skinboard/shrink wrap packaging).

Looking for high quality, Made In The U.S.A. Motorcycle Billet Parts?


DEALERS WANTED - ALL AMERICAN BILLET is currently seeking established companies to carry its growing line of high quality, American Made, billet serpentine front drive systems, engine accessories and interior parts. Email for more information.

Get your copy by calling
Toll FREE 1-844-BILLET1 (245-5382) or email Or view online by clicking the cover below.

Upcoming Show Schedule
Goodguys, Nashville, TN: May 19-21
Goodguys, Pleasanton, CA: June 3-4
Super Summit, Norwalk, OH: June 9-10
Goodguys, Rhinebeck, NY: June 9-11
LA Roadster Show, Pomona, CA:
June 17-18
MSRA Back to the Fifties, St Paul, MN: June 23-25
Goodguys, Des Moines, IA: June 30-July 2

23042 N 16th Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85027
1-844-BILLET1 (245-5381)

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blank 01/17/17 03:24PM Direct-Lift, Forward Lift, Four Post Lift, Garage Space, Product Spotlight

Lift Doubles Home Garage Parking and Storage Space

 New Forward Lift EFP8 Four-Post Lift Doubles Home Garage
 and Storage Space

Powder-coated lift is third-party tested and certified to meet safety standards

Madison, Ind. (January 17, 2017) – Forward Lift’s new EFP8 four-post lift is designed for the car enthusiast with multiple vehicles and limited garage space. The economical lift is the perfect solution for someone who wants a solid, well-built and easy-to-operate four-post lift in order to park one vehicle directly above another, within the available garage space – and the available budget.

Forward Lift EFP8 Four-Post Lift Image

Forward Lift’s new EFP8 four-post lift doubles the available parking space in a garage. The durable 8,000-pound capacity lift is engineered to perform and built to last.

As testimony to its construction, the Forward Lift EFP8 four-post lift has been third-party tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet all industry safety and performance standards. It can be purchased through most national auto parts retailers as well as from Forward Lift authorized distributors across North America.

“Our EFP8 four-post lift is perfect for people who love cars and want to safely store and show off their automotive investments. It’s a robust, reliable 8,000 lb. capacity four-post lift with an attractive powder-coated appearance that matches its attractive price,” says John Uhl, director, light-duty product management for Forward Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group. “While some lift companies subcontract their hobbyist lift production, we build the EFP8 in our own factory, alongside the commercial-grade lifts professional garages rely on every day.”

With a 72-inch lifting height, the Forward Lift EFP8 four-post lift offers 68 inches of clearance under the runways, so most cars can park underneath. It comes with many standard features other lifts lack, like a single-point lock release plus multi-position locks that allow the runways to remain level at any lock position. The 115-volt power unit plugs into a standard North American outlet, without the need for a special electrical drop.

Many accessories are included in the purchase price, such as:
  •     Steel approach ramps for driving onto the runways.
  •     Wheel caster kit to easily move and position the lift.
  •     Jack tray allows wheels-free service by supporting a floor or bottle jack to raise part of the vehicle on the lift. Includes a parts compartment that’s great for holding tools.
  •     Polypropylene drip trays to catch fluids.

For more information about the new Forward Lift 
EFP8 four-post lift, visit, contact your local Forward Lift distributor or call (800) 423-1722. Forward Lift is active on Facebook,, and Twitter, For video, visit the Forward Lift Vimeo channel at

About Forward Lift

Established in 1968, Forward Lift is a leading manufacturer of vehicle lifts for a wide range of customers, including independent repair shops, car dealers, body shops, national accounts, vehicle enthusiasts, hobbyists and heavy-duty truck maintenance facilities. Its products are available from local distributors and many leading national parts suppliers.

Forward Lift is a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand. VSG comprises nine global vehicle lifting and collision repair brands: Forward® Lift, Rotary® Lift, Chief®, Direct-Lift®, Hanmecson®, Revolution® Lift, Elektron, Blitz® and nogra®. With its American headquarters in Madison, Indiana, VSG has operations worldwide, including ISO-9001-certified manufacturing centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. VSG is part of the Engineered Systems segment of Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services.

Attachments area

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blank 01/05/17 03:54PM Cold Weather Truck Maintenance, Truck Maintenance, Truck Tuning

Keep Your Truck Perking In Cold Weather
Guest Article

By Sal Falco

The average auto battery lasts 3-5 years depending on usage and your driving habits. If you know how to check the battery and replace spark plugs, do it before deep winter sets in. Check your cables for any loose fittings. You can do this with the engine off, and observe whether the cables slip free from the nodes. Don't yank on them, but use more of a gentle firm tug. You can tighten the nuts easily as needed while you are at it to prevent loss of battery power when you need it the most. If you aren't familiar or comfortable in these procedures, you will thank yourself for taking your truck to a mechanic when you have some time, rather than in an emergency situation when it's below freezing weather.

Our hands and feet get dried dead skin with winter air, so check for signs of corrosion which is like white powder around the battery nodes or clamps. If getting a new battery isn't practical right when you see this, you can clean these parts with a toothbrush using baking soda and water that you make a paste out of for this task. Simply loosen those cables, clean the nodes and clamps with the paste that you made, and then dry them and retighten everything back the way it was.

It's pretty important to check your oil. If you are due for a change, try refilling it with 5W twenty or thirty instead for the winter months. Lower viscosity oil has less fluid in it which is better for cold temperatures. Visibility is crucial if you are driving in a winter storm. If you current blades are so-so at clearing the snowfall, they won't be adequate for freezing rain or sleet. Blades designed for winter do a better job for removing moisture before it freezes. You may pay a couple of bucks more, but you will find it worthwhile.

Did you know that a temperature change of just 10 degrees can cause a 10 percent reduction resulting in constriction of air. Air pressure can virtually chance from day to night depending on temperatures. Double check the optimal tire pressure for your specific truck on the label inside your driver's door frame or in your owner's manual. Never rely on the PSI on your actual tire. That number is the maximum air your tire can hold, not for the specific load of your truck.

Mechanics differ on some subjects such as adding a can of fuel line antifreeze to the gas tank to prevent water accumulation from the fuel lines. I recommend this preventative measure especially for trucks that are not garaged. Key word here is preventative, which would make it most likely a benefit if it is done BEFORE freezing temps. Keep your headlights clear and clean. Toothpaste can be brushed on gently to clean them. I've tried it and it works great. Other useful tips include always keeping your gas tank half full in winter weather. It can help prevent a fuel line freeze also, and if you hit a storm and got stranded, you would benefit from being able to keep the truck on with heat for a longer period. Good preventatives for preventing lock freezes include keeping the door gaskets lubricated with silicone. I've had some mechanics recommend a product called Tri-Flow, but I have not personally tested this one. Some truck owners swear by WD-40 sprayed into the locks, but it can gum up your tumblers. Safest bet is to buy a deicer and keep it handy throughout the winter months.

Extreme cold will turn your truck fluids into molasses slowing the internal workings of the moving parts. You can minimize those effects by letting your truck warm up slowly and avoid turning your steering wheel until the power steering fluids have warmed to avoid hose leakage. Put fresh grease into all the fittings of your pickup. Are you aware if your truck has unit bearings? They need to be inspected to make sure they have give and no squeaks. If you are not sure if your truck has unit bearings, all 4 x 4 GM trucks with independent front suspension, all Ford Super Duty trucks and all Dodges 1994 and newer have unit bearings. And finally, check your U joints and tie rods to make sure they have some give and take. Knowledge is power, so now you and your truck have it.

Come say hello at for any question, product info or truck lover comment. Happy Winter!

I am a NYS licensed Auto Damage Appraiser, CSE certified, I-Car Certified, and have worked in the automotive industry for decades. I've had the opportunity to teach auto body repair to misled kids in a classroom setting, giving them a chance to have a trade for a viable income. I found this very rewarding. Previously, I was all about the American muscle cars of the 60's. Now, I find pickup trucks and the way they have evolved to be my fascination and focus. I truly enjoy hearing from fellow pickup truck enthusiasts, so stop in to and leave a comment on my website or any of my truck blogs or articles.

Article Source:

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blank 12/29/16 11:08AM Merry Christmas, Pinterest Muscle Trucks, Readers Pics, Tricked Out Truck

Tricked Out Christmas Truck

Tricked Out Christmas Truck
From Pinterest
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blank 11/09/16 11:29AM Auto Transport, Custom Trucks

Are You Moving? Read On....

Pointers for Moving a Truck Long Distance

Finding the safest way to have a prized truck moved to a new home when you are making a long-distance move can be a little overwhelming to most people. It’s simple to plan to drive a car or even to pull one behind a moving truck, but when you need to make plans to have one hauled professionally because it is a classic car, a beautiful new truck, a powerful custom truck or one that needs to be taken care of during a move, you may find that your options are difficult to choose and it can be a bit of a challenge to determine what the best way to get it moved will be. This is especially true if you own more than one car or truck and need to arrange moving services for them as well as your household goods and other effects.

Before even taking on the task of figuring out how to move the vehicle, you may want to contact the state you are moving to find out what requirements will be mandatory to drive in the new state. This includes:

·         Safety Inspections

·         Emissions Requirements

·         Driver’s License Requirements

·         Insurance Laws

·         Registration and Title Fees

·         License Plate Requirements

You will want to know that different regions of the country have different insurance coverage regulations and the cost for coverage varies from one state to another. While you may be paying a low rate currently, moving can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket or even plummet depending on the state you move to. This is something you will need to discuss ahead of time with your current insurance provider.


Moving the Car with Your Personal Belongings

Thankfully, when it comes to moving your car or truck, you are going to find that you have quite a few good options to check into to get the job done. One thing you may want to check into is going to be asking your the movers if they can load your car onto the moving truck or haul it behind the truck on a car dolly. This works for standard cars and trucks, especially those that are driven frequently. If you have a custom-built car or truck, a classic, luxury, vintage or other special car or truck, you probably will want to check other options rather than have the vehicle hauled along with your household goods.


Driving the Vehicle

Some people opt to drive their vehicle to the new location and while this may be an option if you are making a local move, it should not be an option when making a long-distance move. Driving long distance places quite a bit of wear and tear on a vehicle and will cost the owner out of pocket expenses for upkeep and maintenance including having the oil changed, tires rotated or other general maintenance. If you or a driver hired should have an accident, it can also cost a great deal of money to pay for repairs to property or hospital bills for personal injuries.


Hiring a Professional Auto Transporter

When it all comes down to it, the most reliable way to have a car or truck moved is going to be by hiring a professional auto moving company to ship your car. A professional auto transporter will offer fully insured transport options for your vehicle and they can even move boats, ATV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles for you if you need to have them moved. It will be much safer to hire a pro than to haul the car or truck on your own and chance having an accident or finding that you wind up spending far more money than expected from having to stop at a hotel overnight, refueling more than expected or chancing a financial loss due to a vehicle accident that causes property or personal damage.

How Transport is Priced

Auto transport is priced based on the distance from the pickup location to the drop off location, the type of vehicle you own, the weight and height of the vehicle and the mode of transport that you choose to carry your car during delivery.

Modes of Transport

When a vehicle is moved via interstate, it can be transported either on an open-air trailer or inside of an enclosed trailer. Open air is safe for most vehicles but they are fully exposed to all elements during transport. This means that vehicles are exposed to inclement weather, insects and animals, other cars and trucks and even other people that may encounter the vehicle.

With enclosed transport, vehicles are sealed inside of a protective trailer that prevents contact with weather, insects and animals and people that could possibly cause damage to the vehicle. Depending on the size of the trailer, cars and trucks may be shipped with other vehicles inside the trailer or they may be shipped alone. Enclosed transport options are best for custom cars and trucks, sports cars and trucks, classics, exotics and luxury cars as the enclosed environment helps ensure a protective environment for the vehicle.


No matter which mode of transport you choose to have the vehicle moved during your long-distance move, be sure there is plenty of insurance coverage, whether your own personal auto policy or the policy held by a professional transporter and always thoroughly inspect it and take detailed pictures before it leaves for transport.





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blank 11/02/16 10:16AM 1947 to 1954 Chevy Trucks, Chevy Trucks, Vintage Instrument Panels

CON2R Releases “SuperStock” Instrument Sets for 1947-54 Chevrolet Pickups


If you like the look of the instruments Chevrolet used from 1947 to 1954 in their pickup trucks then you’re going to fall in love these all new, updated and upgraded direct replacements manufactured by CON2R in Beaverton, OR.  From the typeface to the embossed background textures, these instruments demonstrate how “factory stock” was elevated to meet their "SuperStock” standards.


Rather than duplicate the factory layout of “one and four” gauges, CON2R gave the speedometer and tachometer equal importance and balanced the four auxiliary gauges in a “two by two” configuration.  The textures, windows and raised lettering of the originals have been carried through to create a seamless transition from the old to the new gauge layout.  Behind the original looking faces are electronic stepper motors that drive the needles with the highest possible level of accuracy and dependability. 


When the sun goes down, the instruments light up using CON2R’s unique and exclusive “halo” LED system that provides even, glare-free illumination across all the gauge faces.   Parking brake, high beam and turn signal lights are all integrated into the design.


Grey and tan color schemes are standard but special colors are available as are 120, 140 and 160 mph speedometer markings.


This look is both new and retro and without a doubt, the styling places them directly in the middle of the CON2R Old Skool Zone. 



Additional information on these instruments and others being developed by CON2R can be found online at


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