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I have a Ford F350 1999 7.3L Automatic Transmission 4WD
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Question: I would want to replace my automatic transmission by a transmission manual and I would want to know which box has speed to advise(recommend) to me you I have a ford 350 7.3L diesel turbo 1999 4*4 and I would want that this transmission adapts itself on my current transfer and if you also sell all the kit to change my truck in manual thank you


Answer:  There isnít a way to adapt the correct 6 speed to the current transfer case.  The automatic is a 31 spline output and the manual is a 24 spline output so the transfer case input would need to be changed regardless

We can supply a rebuilt ZF 6 speed MTFRD059 for $3200 outright plus freight

Clutch and flywheel assembly $500.00

Clutch fork $69.00

Clutch fork retainer $8.00

Transfer case input $125.00

Shift stub and stick $175.00

Slave and master kit $225.00

Another option would be to use a 5 speed ZF unit and this would allow you to use your existing transfer case without changing the input. The unit price would be cheaper but everything else would be the same MTFRD053 $2895.00 outright
Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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