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Q&A 1970 Dodge Powerwagon Manual Transmission

I have a 1970 Dodge Power wagon with a 5.3 Lt Manual transmission, one ton 4WD


I am building a dodge power wagon with an LS motor, 94 GM NV4500 transmission and a np205 case. I have driver side front axle. the transmission is currently a 2wd version. I am looking to convert the transmission to 4wd and install a married np205 case. Can you quote a rebuilt ford NP205 with a short GM 32 spline input? Also, do you have the parts to convert the NV4500 to 4x4?


Yes we can supply all that is needed below are the parts needed to change the 4x2 NV4500 to 4WD.



Main Shaft (32 T) (GM 4wd) (19 3/4")


Your Cost $165.00



Cast Iron Extension Housing New Chevrolet GMC


You Cost $269.95




Spacer, 4wd (Replaces Vibration Dampener)


Your Cost $27.78



Nut, Main Shaft (GM 4wd)


Your Cost $15.00


Optional parts during change over:


UNIVERSAL bearing kit for Dodge and all GM NV4500 up to 95(GM w/ External Clutch Slave) w/o Syncro's


Your Cost $110.98



Syncro Ring Kit NV 4500 (no Reverse Synchro) GM


Your Cost $225.00


Now for the NP205 unit you will want the GM version with the RH front output and the ability to connect it to the NV4500. The correct way to do this is with a custom adapter see below


Adapter kit 50-0217 Your Cost $620.00


Rebuilt Transfer case pricing below






GM 78-84 4 Speed/10 Splines Input Bolt Yoke


Your Cost $533.33

Core Charge on Transfer Case

all except below

Your Cost $250.00

Shipping charges will be added.

For additional help or to order give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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