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Precision Race Engines 1,000 Horsepower Engine

Precision Race Engines in McMinnville, Tennessee,  builds a 1,000+ horsepower supercharged 448ci LSX engine for everyday driving.

The foundation is a Chevrolet Performance LSX block bored out to 4.155 inches. Balanced internals include a Callies steel crank with 4.125-inch stroke, Callies Ultra I-beam 6.125-inch rods, RaceTec forged pistons (9.2:1 CR), Total Seal rings and Clevite bearings. A Comp Cams LSR 309/325 hydraulic roller cam is used along with Smith Bros. pushrods and JP Performance double-roller timing set.

Precision chose the Brodix STS BR7 273 cylinder heads for this project. These heads flow more than 415cfm through 273cc intake ports and come out of the box with matched ports, 71cc combustion chambers, blended bowls and 2.250/1.614 valves. Finishing up the heads are Manley valve springs and Crower shaft-mounted rockers.

Rounding out the long-block assembly are Moroso 7-quart pan, Melling oil pump, Moroso pickup, ARP hardware, Fel-Pro gaskets, ATI balancer and Chevrolet Performance water pump, head gaskets, timing cover and valve covers.

Induction includes a Whipple manifold, air-to-water inter cooler and 4-liter supercharger mated with a FAST XFI fuel-injection system that includes 110-pound injectors and GM rear mounted coils for a clean retro look. They we went with  the True Trac Complete Serpentine Systems Kit witch works well with the supercharger belt.

After breaking in the engine on Brad Penn oil, Precision planned three test sessions on its Stutska dyno. The first two were on 93-octane pump gas. At 8.5 pounds of boost, the engine pulled 903 horsepower with 769 lb-ft peak torque. At 10 pounds, the number rose to 951 and 825, respectively. With race gas and 12 pounds of boost, the engine pulled 1,021 horsepower with 855 lb-ft torque.

Im sure we could get even more power out of it, but the engine is for a customer who wants to drive it regularly, so we need to keep it calm for the street and make it last,  Says shop owner Mark Davis.

1,000 HP LSX Whipple Charged Engine Dyno Test

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