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Refurbishing Alloy Wheels and Challenges in Maintaining and Repairing Chrome Rims
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There is something about a chrome finish, which will make even an ordinary car stand out. Nothing compares to this type of finish. It is however susceptible to certain issues, such as rust and cracking. This often happens when the rim is not properly maintained.

Repair or Restoration

In case of damages, you can choose to buy new rims or save by refurbishing the alloy wheels. The repair option is of course much cheaper. However, the repair option can be expensive depending on the kind of damage you have on the chrome finish.

The chrome finish can be downgraded by rust which is actually the rusting of the metal underneath exposed by small pores on it. This is one of the issues that you will have with the chrome surface that can be solved by cleaning and rebuffing.

It is therefore important to clean regularly with the right kind of polish meant for chrome, to avoid chrome or alloy wheel refinishing. Chrome cannot be painted over as a way of protecting it. Proper waxing is the best and most effective way to do it.

Acid Blemishes

Another problem you may encounter with the chrome finish is the blemishes caused by acid spills like the HCL acid. If the blemishes are just a small spot on the chrome finish, then a good buff with the right polish will always take care of it. However, HCL tends to chip away chrome easily. It is what is used to remove the metal of surfaces in industries.

If the damage is on a big spot, then the only way is to seek professional services to have it repaired. The acid may have left a yellowish spot that you just cannot hide. You will have to seek brush plating services if you want to restore it to its original beauty.

Road Salt and Flaking

Another major problem with chrome is salt water. Salty water can dramatically shorten the lifespan of the rim with a chrome finish and make alloy wheel refinishing more extensive and complicated. Road salt is one of the things that you should avoid when using this type of rims.

Whereas the highway department does a good job spreading salt on the roads, this is the biggest enemy to your chrome wheels. Salt makes it easier for the salty water to penetrate the upper layers. Within a few weeks, your rims will be flaking.

At this point only a total restoration and refurbishing of alloy wheels service can restore the wheel. During the winter season, when there is road salt, consider having a spare set of non chrome wheels. This is the best way to avoid the problem and ensure that the wheels last longer.

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