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Top 5 Aftermarket Parts for Trucks and SUVs
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Aftermarket parts refer to automotive parts added to a car or truck after purchase by the owner. Since buying a vehicle is a very important purchase, most people also want the best addons and accessories to make the most of their investment. Everyone from the most experienced off road enthusiast to the average commuter has purchased aftermarket parts, whether these parts are car floor mats, lights, or grille guards. A look at some of the top parts can provide great ideas and help you make the most of your car or truck.

Aftermarket Bumpers

Aftermarket bumpers are designed take the place of factory bumpers on trucks and SUVs. Any bumper left on by the truck manufacturer is called a factory or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bumper. While these factory parts are often great, many truck and SUV owners want bumpers that are tougher or even designed to protect truck from damage. Also know as replacement bumpers, these bumpers range from cosmetic chrome to heavy duty steel bumpers. They are used for off roading, hunting, or even to buffer against parking lot bumper or light pole damage. Owners also choose aftermarket bumpers to help their vehicles look more unique.

Aftermarket Grille Guards

Grille guards are some of the most practical aftermarket accessories. Also known as brush guards, these parts help guard truck radiator and grille area from highway brush, debris, and other damage. Truck and SUV owners often want to keep their trucks looking like new, but do not want to replace the entire factory bumper. Grille guards can range from light chrome and cosmetic to steel grille guards and brush guards.

Aftermarket Lights

Aftermarket lights are another top choice for car owners. These lights include standard driving lights, fog lights, and LED lights. Many vehicle owners purchase these lights because under warranty they can last longer than factory lights. Drivers can choose the brightness or intensity whether they need to drive at night or just a backup so as not to worry about car lights going out.

Aftermarket Steps

Aftermarket steps are a great choice for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Steps help owners get access to their seats and truck beds and help prevent wear and tear on other vehicle parts. These steps are also known as nerf bars and running boards. There are a variety of steps available to help match your vehicle length.

Aftermarket Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are mainly designed for trucks. These covers help protect the truck bed and cargo from theft and weather damage. Truck drivers also use these parts to decrease drag resistance from the wind. There are a variety of types to match any truck owners style.

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