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Trailers: Determining Which One Will Suit Your Needs

Having a vehicle strong, enough to pull a trailer is a great thing. "And why is a trailer so great?" you may ask. Because the simple aspect of having a trailer hitch on your vehicle can significantly increase what you are able to haul from place to place- providing, of course, that you put some thought into selecting the right trailer for the jobs for which it will be used.

However, if you aren't certain what type of trailer will best suit your needs, then determining that is the first step in making your investment. With the decision making process in mind, use the following information to help you formulate trailer-buying plans:

Types of Flatbed Trailers

Standard flatbed - One of the most popular trailers because it is so versatile and can be loaded from the top, sides or back.

Step Deck trailers - These are most often used for hauling freight with height restrictions. They generally have both a top and bottom deck.

Stretch trailers - These are perfect for hauling those long items that will not fit easily on a traditional flatbed.

Double Drop - Typically used for oversized freight.

Stretch Double-drop - If items will be too long for the single, then the double is best.

Conestoga - Has a trolling tarp system that is used to protect what you are moving from being damaged by the elements of nature.

Refrigerator trailers- These are most commonly used by people in the food industry as the trailer's temperature can be controlled.

Stretch RGN (Removable Gooseneck) - For long items that will not fit on the standard size gooseneck trailer.

Van or Dry Van trailers - This often quite expensive trailer is designed to protect the freight from the weather; however, keep in mind, that it can only be loaded from the back end.

Having a trailer hitch and making use of a flatbed trailer is wonderful advantage to have-especially if you live in area where there is a great deal of agriculture or if you frequently find yourself moving large pieces of furniture or equipment. But how helpful a trailer may be to you, depends greatly on the type you select.

Time invested in choosing a trailer that meets your needs is definitely time (and ultimately, money) well spent. From sellers on eBay to local business, and companies such as St. Paul's Toppers and More there are many companies who will be happy to help you determine what trailer is best for your needs. So, without further ado, get ready to enjoy having a flatbed trailer -they are a wonderful investment!

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