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Another Question for Midwest Transmission Center

I am having problems with my 1973 Chevrolet Nova 350 engine.  This Nova is my pride and joy!

Midwest Transmission Center


The problem I am having is  the shifting from 1st to 2nd grinds a little, the 3rd to 2nd and then to 1st it needs to be at a specific RPM’S to go into gear with making a noise.   I was worried that it might be the clutch.

We think you have cast iron Saginaw transmission.  From your diagnosis syncros are most likely worn out… 1st gear is non synchronized, that is normal for first but not the 2nd gear shift.  It maybe  that excessive bearing wear is causing main and counter  shafts to move and emphasize  the problem shifting.  We suggest recommend our Saginaw (4 speed)  Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings part number MWT115AWS cost is $147.85 plus S&H.


If you need additional technical assistance just give us a call 888-824-2014, you can see the other parts that we can provide for the Saginaw transmission on our site.


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