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Mud Bogging Trucks - Turn a Pasttime Into Money in the Bank
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Competing with mud bogging trucks has become a very popular past time and sport. Some do it for the sake of winning, some do it to see how much punishment their truck can take. After an event the truck may not be washed for days to show support for the sport, especially if that truck won the competition.

An aspect of the fun of mud bogging is just watching to see whose truck can achieve certain goals, in other words to see whose truck can go through what. It is just as popular as a spectator sport, some of the more elaborate venues provide stand seating and better vantage points.

There are mud bogging circuits and drivers with established reputations, but the big crowd draw are the trucks. The truck creates a very large fan base with photo opportunities for fans with popular trucks and their current driver. The owners of the trucks frequently change drivers to attempt to get better results and win more and bigger checks.

Regardless of how big the event gets the goal is to get through the mud obstacle, if several drivers make it then the driver with the shortest time wins. This is where the experienced driver usually comes out ahead of the pack, as the inexperienced driver has not yet learned the tricks of the trade.

A steady throttle will keep the tires from digging in to the mud. A back and forth motion on the steering wheel will assist the tires in finding fresh surface to grab on to. Rocking the truck from side to side can help with traction also. And a driver with a good eye for the best path to get through a mud hole. These tactics can all assist in achieving the most distance the fastest.

There are parts that are made with mud bogging in mind. Tires are one of the most popular items. There are tires made with aggressive patterns with off road driving in mind. Of course to accommodate these tires the truck needs to be lifted with a lift kit. There is high performance suspension to aid in handling once the truck is raised. This sport can become very expensive very fast. All that is required to start though is any truck that you are willing to risk repairs on.

This sport has been around for many years and will be around for many more. It is a great way to spend free time with family and friends.

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