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Midwest Transmission Center Zumbrota, MN an aftermarket remanufacturer supplies rebuilt transmission to transmission shops and other installation facilities.  Beginning in the early 2000’s according to Transmission Digest a trend became increasingly noticeable in the use of production-remanufactured transmissions by retail transmission shops. During that time is came to be known as the “reman unit” which was most evident by a retail shops use of the affordable dealer supplied A604 transmission by Chrysler. According to Transmission Digest magazine a poll was done by over 100,000 retail shops at that time looking for those who installed more than five transmissions every month. What was found was that the same shops that were rebuilding units in house were the ones reporting installing outsourced units. In most instances it was found that aftermarket remanufacturer preferred partnering with experienced transmission shops, for the fact that the professional people in those shops were much less likely to face installation issues or commit errors that would reflect negatively on the reman supplier. Midwest Transmission is proud to be a supplier of reman units which are Dyno tested and offer a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty.   You can see the rebuilt transmission we offer on our site.  We offer the best warranty in the industry for automatic rebuilt transmissions 100,000 miles.  Order a transmission built to your vehicles application performance parameters be sure to add an external fluid cooler.

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