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Ford Explorer 1996 4.0L 4WD

I own a Ford Explorer 1996 4.0L 4WD.
Transfer Case 

Question:  I am trying to resolve a drive train vibration issue.  Occurs when front drive shaft is installed, and beginning at  50 mph. Larege vibration felt through the floor - can't really go faster than 60 or vibration is too much. Pulled the front drive shaft and it goes away. Have tried two replacement front driveshafts, one reman, the other new. There is no play that I can feel at either the transfer case output or the front end input. Trying to figure out if I have a front end, transfer case, driveshaft or cv shaft issue. Both cv shafts have been replaced. Driver's is less than one year old. Passenger about five years old. Older truck that I need to keep driving for a while yet and really want to get this figured out. And don't want to throw buckets of money at it but would like to get 4WD operational again. Driving with shaft out now. Any thoughts?

Answer:  Your transfer case is a  BW4405. We suggest you start by checking the tire diameter. Most important that the tires all match in diameter.

The BW4405 transfer case has a variable clutch pack if the system is showing slippage (different tire diameter) it will be trying to engage and disengage the 4wd system and cause this issue.

This transfer case is known for rear case wear in the rear output bearing area. With the rear drive shaft off pull straight in and out on the rear yoke, you will notice play in and out and there shouldn’t be any. If this play is excessive you will want to address this also.

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