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I have a Dodge D250 1989 with a Cummins diesel 2WD

Question: I recently purchased  a Dodge D250 and the transmission works fine but is covered in oil and I'm looking into either just replacing the seals, rebuilding the whole thing while I have time and funds right now or purchasing a replacement. What can you suggest? I don't really plan on hauling anything I just want to address  any problems now rather than wait breakdown. I am in California how much is shipping to have a rebuilt one sent(I have my own forklift if that changes anything)

Answer:  Your new truck has a Getrag 360 transmission widely used between 1989 and 1993 by Dodge behind the Cummins Diesel engine. You have a couple of options, the first is to overhaul the G360 (assuming the case is not cracked), the second option is to replace the G360 with the later model 5 speed the NV4500 (includes all the latest updates).

If you elect to overhaul the existing G-360 unit you will need

Bearing Rebuild Kit, Midwest Transmission Center

Bearing Rebuild kit order our part number TRSBK261WS your cost for this kit is $307.67, plus about $20.00 S&H, kit includes all major bearings, gaskets, seals and syncro rings.

If you elect to upgrade to a NV4500 order our part number MTCRY009 your cost is $1667.67 plus core deposit of $500.00 plus freight. You can avoid the core deposit by sending in your existing transmission first (case cannot be broken). This transmission will have a 12 month warranty. Shipping to your location in California is estimated at $145.00 each way.  If you would like to see the other parts we can provide for the G360 check out our site.



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