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Questions and Answers from Midwest Transmission Center

I have a 1989 Ford F250 7.3L Diesel Pickup

Question: The  information on transmission tag; ZF ford, model S5-42, 2f parts list; wo.1307050031, ford part #; e8ta-7003-ala; trans s/n 1051140, total ratio, 4.14-0.77 Do you need any info to determine if you have one rebuilt ready to ship? Please confirm price, ship costs. I have old core ready to ship to the factory, what is process?

Answer:  The correct part number for a replacement rebuilt ZF S542 transmission for your 1989 4WD 7.3lt Ford F250 diesel is MTFRD041.

Your cost is $1366.68 plus about $270.00 freight both ways (commercial address). We can  rebuild your existing core. The housing/case on the core needs to be OK, not to worry about internal parts. The rebuilt transmission will have a 12 month warranty.

I have a Nissan pickup truck its a fs5w71c Model 720 with the 2.4L and it has 4WD.

Question: I had been studying the trans you guys have also it say it will certainly fit but could not see anything at all regarding it being 2 wheel drive or a 4x4 therefore will it match my 4x4?

Answer: Your tranny is definitely the Nissan model FS5W71F along with a 12 tail housing, the correct part number is MTNIS002 $925.00 plus $250 core deposit, plus freight.

This transmission is rebuilt and has the One year no hassle warranty. You can easily see other parts we are able to offer the FS5W71F transmission on our website.

I own a Chevrolet Suburban 3/4 ton it has the  6.0L engine and is 4WD.

Question:  There are three different types of transfer cases,27 spline MWTCGM034,29 spline MWTCG043 and 32 spline MWTCGM044 listed for my application .Can you help me identify the best/right one for my Suburban application.

Answer:  In  replacing your Transfer Case Model  NP246 Assy # 1577-2806 the correct part number according to the assembly number is MWTTCGM044 your cost is $1000  with a $250 core deposit.

This transfer case has a no hassle 12 month warranty. S&H charges will be added. The core deposit can be saved if you would like to send your existing transfer case to the factory to be rebuilt. The case must not be broken, it can be toast inside but the case needs to be reusable..

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