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I have a Ford Expedition 2000 with the 5.4L  auto trans , 4WD

BW4406 Transfer case


Question:  The transfer  is a BW4406 with TOD. This is Fordís A4WD model. It feels like it is always in 4WD even when it is in A4WD (not in 4H or 4L). I took the transfer case out and when I rotate the shaft coming from the transmission, BOTH the front wheel shaft and the rear wheel shaft of the transfer case rotate.

If I understand how this TC is supposed to operate it has a clutch which is engaged by the GEM when the GEM detects rear wheel slippage. If there is no power to the vehicle, then the clutch will not be operating (it is an open circuit) and thus if I rotate the shaft from the transmission only the rear wheel shaft of the transfer case should rotate. Is this correct? If this is a correct assumption, what would be a possible cause of both shafts rotating when there is no power applied to the clutch? A damaged clutch pack? Thanks for your help.

Answer:   It is not uncommon for there to be enough drag on the clutch pack that you would not be able to rotate the front shaft by handÖ

That being said if the vehicle acts like it is in 4wd all of the time we would assume you have a damaged clutch pak ..

Also it is very important that the circumferences of the tires is all the same or it will act like this.

To repair the clutch pack you will need the following parts:

BW 4406





Clutch Pack (includes Housing & 13 Plates) (99-02)



You can see other part that we can supply for your BW4406 on our site.

Shipping charges will be added. Give Scott a call toll free 888-824-2012 he can help you.


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