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The New Cyclo Pro Polisher
by Top of the Line

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The New Cyclo Pro Polisher
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Product Description

Cyclo Best Buy Package
Top of the Line "Best Buy" Cyclo Mark II Polisher Package

The Cyclo Polisher in this package includes the NEW Vibration Elimination System (VES)

VES is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and is composed of a completely redesigned counterweight and VES Adjustable counterweight precision matched, weighted inserts. Prior to this innovation the Cyclo Model 5 polisher imparted only about one-tenth the vibration of traditional rotary and dual action polishers. With the introduction of the new VES, the amount of vibration is reduced even further and nearly eliminated.

One unique feature of the Cyclo VES is that it is tunable. The system's engineering allows the user to match the VES system to the various attachment systems available for Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers - rubber pad holders or bonnets, carpet and scrub brushes, quick connect adapters with Double Precision pads, or other Genuine Cyclo attachments. This is achieved by selection of VES weighted inserts. Each weighted insert has been precisely machined to match and offset the vibration created by the orbiting action of attachments. By matching the correct VES weighted insert, operators reduce muscle and joint fatigue as well as the potential risk for hand, muscle and nerve damage.

In addition to the reduction of potential harm to the operator, the VES increases the polisher's stability during operation. Less vibration results in more consistent contact between the polisher heads and the surface being polished. Owners will benefit from a polisher that applies product more evenly and consistently and produces a higher quality finish.

The Best Buy Package includes accessories to polish any type of automotive paint, Fiberglass or marine Gel Coat. You'll be able to remove light to medium swirls, light to medium scratches, and light to moderate oxidation.

The Best Buy Package includes pads to apply liquid or paste waxes, and terry bonnets to buff-off freshly applied wax or to clean leather and vinyl upholstery. It gives you an opportunity to try several levels of pads, with a double dose of the top selling colors. We highly recommend this package as it discounts the polisher, and all of the accessories.

Cyclo Mark II Specifications:

Heavy-Duty Polished Aluminum
3200 opms (orbits per minute)
60 cycle, 1/3 HP
2.0 amps
6.5 lbs

Cyclo Mark II Best Buy Package Includes:

Model #5 Cyclo Mark II Orbital Polisher
4 White Finishing Pads
4 Green Light Polishing Pads
2 Orange Medium Polishing Pads
2 Yellow Cutting Pads
2 Velcro Pad Holders
2 VES Weighted Inserts
Flat Wrench
4 FREE Terry Bonnets

Limited time offer....

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